Campaign “20 euros per month for 10 years”
With a donation of 20 euros per month with a 10 years commitment for the purchase of this house, you can help and know that there will be a place for women and lesbians where you and your friends, lovers, sisters, will be welcome.

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–> Project «Casa Fronda Viola futura»
with: Goals and Money plan
A. 10 years of Casa Fronda Viola
Statuts of the association «Amazons of the third moon»


Is an open self-organized women’shouse, in Tuscany, Italy.
It is self-organized since 10 years by a group of 15-20 women and lesbians, whose members have changed over the years.
It is always open for all those who would like to spend their free time enjoying the company of women and being out of everything that society imposes.


– Casa Fronda Viola is a place where women and lesbians can socialize and be on vacation. One of the objectives is to have and offer the possibility of spending holidays near the sea at a reasonable price, given that women and lesbians often have low salaries and have difficult financial situations.
– Is a place of political discussions and involvement in the fight against male violence against women, lesbians and girls. There are regular meetings and training in Wendo and feminist self-defense. The house is also a place where women can find refuge and strength to be able to face difficult situations.
– Is a place to share knowledge and skills. There are organized workshops to share our knowledge: studies in medicinal herbs, serigraphy, theater, percussion, massage, tree climbing.


The house is self-organized and lives thanks to the participation of women who visit it frequently and who are aware of developing caring relationships.
Decisions are taken horizontally using the process of consensus during organizational meetings.
We are trying to make sure that each of us feels at ease with the decisions taken, which is why it is a lengthy process. However, we are moving forward with confidence.


phone: +39.331.2530750 (send us an SMS and we will call you back)

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Lettura astrologica di una notte di racconti di streghe di Felis NusseleinTHE PROJECT OF THE NEW HOUSE

The lease of the place we have now ends in May 2017, and therefore we are leaving this very special place.
Many women and lesbian places have disappeared over the years due to dependance various external reasons: evictions, institutional financing, difficult landlords, etc.
Because of this unstable situation, we have decided to buy a house with the land so that the project of Casa Fronda Viola can grow permanent roots.
We would like to enlarge the project to include the possibility of women living there.
We have created an association “Amazons of the third moon, in order to guarantee that the property will be collectively owned and won’t belong to individuals.
The association will be the owner, therefore should the house be closed or sold, it will not be possible to divide the goods/income: everything would go to a women and lesbian’s association with a similar purpose.
The association is an instrument for the purchase of the property: the practices of self-organization and participation, which have always been the basis of the project, will not be changed.

Sheila Najic di Felis NusseleinMAKING THE PROJECT A REALITY

Casa Fronda Viola is completely self-financed. We pay the rent: each of us gives a contribution according to her own possibilities and choices. The subscriptions of many women who come often enables the house to live.
We want to proceed in the same way concerning the purchase of a house.
We need €250.000 in order to carry out the project of the Future Casa Fronda Viola, and we are counting on the joint economic forces of women and lesbians.

1.- Within the group we have already collected €100.000 in donations.
2.- We are asking women and lesbians who consider this as important, to dedicate a part of their money for acquiring a feminist space.
3.- The donations can also be given through an ongoing monthly commitment or pledge (for example: a pledge of €20 each month for 10 years).
4.- We have contacted some women and lesbian foundations and associations in order to find financing. If you have any information, let us know.
5.- We are collecting contacts in order to spread information about the activities and plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign on a wide scale. Please write and send us your contacts for this to happen.

We also have to ask for loans.
1.- For 10 years our group has made a big commitment, paying regularly and collectively the rent and expenses of the house that was rented (about €70.000 in all). We have that same commitment to guarantee women who would be willing to support us with a loan, that we will and can return it in agreed-upon regular installments. Thus, we are asking for a 10 year period to return the money, or according to different agreements.
2.- We have contacted a cooperative of ethical finance to help us.


Associazione Amazzoni della terza luna
Banca Etica
Iban: IT62 K050 1803 2000 0000 0242 502
Reason of the transaction: Donation


The idea is that we have both collective and individual spaces. We have searched for a house of about 150 sq. meters, like a house where we could live collectively, with a big common room, nice kitchen, several bedrooms, big workshop. Additionally , we need several separate living spaces and a nice land where we can make individual spaces, put caravans/trailers, build tree houses, etc.
The area that we like, is the one where we are now, near the sea, the lake and the therms.


The one who contributes:
– creates a place also for herself,
– can spend the holidays,
– makes a gesture of feminist solidartity,
– takes strength with self defense,
– can bring her camper,
– makes party when she wants,
– can heal from the trauma of male violence,
– can bring her own art,
– participates in women’s history…

Some say…
“… is a place of meeting for women, where we can create important relationships”
“… here I feel whole and free in my thoughts”
“… it’s a place where I stop when I travel, I would places like everywhere”
“… for me it is a safe space, where women can socialize and create fun practices”
”… my need to meet others is not economically exploited”
“… I like going there to rest and recharge my energy”
“… it is a way to reclaim the space that we are denied of and liberate it… it is an authentic project, it’s possible to do it, it’s not a utopia!”


phone: +39.331.2530750 (send us an SMS and we will call you back)

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Associazione amazzoni della terza luna
Banca Etica
Iban: IT62 K050 1803 2000 0000 0242 502
Reason of the transaction: Donation